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WordPress – Welcome back

Last summer i decided to develop a small onepage website for choc design with bootstrap and switched off my WordPress Installation.

For a onpager a complete CMS, that was to oversized. Maintaining WordPress takes time. And it was much more quicker to customize code and content for a couple of HTML pages, than to edit a complete WordPress Theme.

But here you are WP. There are things to talk about, so i need you for my new Blog.

Development storys, including SEO and Marketing (maybe later growth hacking inspired by a follower Morgan Brown) infos that are worth to share.

First SEO tip: Comments on a page or post can affect the ratio of your content/keyword

Step 1 – Install and quick setup

My first setup for the WordPress installation with quick styling took me a couple of hours. Things to figure out – build a child-theme, create a git repository and put a focus on the SEO plugin WordPress SEO. I am testing the premium version of this SEO tool in the talkyoo blog. We kicked out many posts, that had no value for our customers – still an ongoing process.

The first essential WordPress plugins i installed.

  1. Hide your ass with iThemes Security, so that your login page is hidden.

  2. I cache my site with WP Super Cache (i revert this tomorrow;)

  3. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

  4. Antispam Bee


I secured my page, installed first an other cache plugin W3 Total Cache – but that was to expert for just starting the blog. For spam in comments (6 hours after the new wordpress was installed i received my first one ;) i am testing Antispam Bee. There were some issues with akismet and german privacy. The basic setup for the WordPress SEO plugin, i used the guide from there website (no author, archives, subpages etc.). I ‘ll have to check later if Google finds duplicate content, titles or descriptions.

Step 2 – Google Webmaster Tools:

Cleaning up old WordPress post and 404 pages with Google Webmaster Tools. I found 19 404 errors, caused by the old blog. From a SEO perspective you have to check if the link juice from your 404 is it worth to redirect to a new page or post and the could be another post… But i decided to start over and redirected all of to my home.

Now i am waiting for the Google bot. I setup the new sitemap URL for Google WMT and marked all 404 errors as fixed.

16 crawling errors in google webmaster tools for my new wordpress blog to fix with a 301 redirect

Step 3 – Site Speed:

After all this basic stuff, i was exited to check the speed of my site with the tool pagespeed insight from Google. But the results wasn’t that good. 55/100 and 69/100 – javascript, css, html, caching…  O.k. it’s friday evening and maybe tomorrow this will look better.

wordpress - choc design - page speed insight for mobile and desktop view