This look over your shoulder opened my eyes for a lot of  simplifications.
Posted on February 7, 2015 by

Meetup in Berlin – Great UsabilityFix event


The day before yesterday i had a great time with a lot of people @the_22nd_UsabilityFix (a nice meetup) The YOU IS NOW Accelerator was our host, great supply with soda, beer and pizza. Thanks for that Holger. We tested with 5 people our talkyoo website and the registration process.

They tested us about 15 min. and after a quick setup, we had to be quiet. So hard not to say “hey look there” or ask any questions. Some of them lost for endless minutes (from my perspective).

Back home i scribbled a lot of ideas, some of them for later or just to have them out of my mind. We condensed some and placed them in the next sprint planing. So the meetup in Berlin was beside the fun a very useful event.