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Google Pagespeed and my WordPress blog

My first Google Pagespeed test yesterday (updated post from last week) with a desktop score 69/100 didn’t let me rest. After a plugin misconfiguration yesterday (i could not login – and fixed it with this guide) i started over with the finetuning of the WordPress plugin WP Super Cache. Used pingdom for a first impression and checked some different settings, but the differences where low.

SEO Tip: Install the WordPress plugin Rel Nofollow Checkbox to control your link juice. The Google bot should stay on your site as long as possible. So send him on your wordpress blog around with internal links.

Wordpress Plugin - Rel nofollow checkbox - screenshot

I searched  “browser caching” after one of the next bad Pagespeed tests and found this german post about leverage browser caching based on an english one ;) But the results editing .htaccess and even with another WordPress plugin Better WordPress Minify were all the same.

Google Pagespeed bitches about compression.

A comment after i searched for “1und1 mod_deflate” opened my eyes (in this case 1und1 equals your_provider ). The necessary apache module mod_deflate is not working with/on my hosting package.

If you have no control over your hosting provider/package – you will not be able to speed up your wordpress blog.

While i closed my tabs, i stumbled over GTmetrix just for a last test…

After Google Pagespeed -tests - 3 screenshots fromGTmetrix - for 3 WordPress plugin configurations

Google Pagespeed score also increased a little bit.

I reinstalled W3 Total cache (with some settings from – german website about handling a blog) and tested it against Minify and Super Cache. Winner with a score of 84%/81% is Better WordPress Minify. Second place goes to W3 Total cache (score 68%/79%) and third to WP Super Cache (score 68%/77%). All results with the Leverage Browser Caching Fix in my .htacces.

Todays Google Pagespeed results:

Yesterdays Pagespeed score with default settings Mobile 55/100 and Desktop 69/100.

Google Pagespeed score with Minify plugin – Mobile 61 – Desktop 76.

Google Pagespeed score with Minify plugin and tuned .htacces – Mobile 67 – Desktop 78.

I deleted WP Super Cache, deactivated W3 Total Cache (german content) and until i get deeper in this optimizing topic – i use Better WordPress Minify with some lines in the .htaccess.

wordpress - choc design - page speed insight for mobile and desktop view

Just before closing my session, if found a post about the  above the fold issue that Google Pagespeed reports. With this WordPress plugin Autoptimize the pagespeed raised to Mobile 67 and Desktop 82. I’ll check later why the above the fold issue still exists for the mobile view and deactivated the plugin after i recognized, that Google Pagespeed scored down the user experience.

Still wondering why the score varies from time to time (just now 15 min. after the last check Mobile +1 and Desktop +2).