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Fifty three paper – now i sketch on the iPad

Luckily i updated my iPad apps and saw that Fifty Three Paper set all tools free. What a great experience, that seduced me to think about a new iPad with this ‘special’ Pencil. I used an old ‘just mobile’ alupen and it worked, but i see the advantage of connecting a pen to the the iPad.

Thanks Fifty Three for that ;) – The pencil is on my wishlist.

After 3 week testing, i give Fifty Three Paper 4,5 stars. Sometimes i draw some lines with my hand and not with the pencil and the rewind/lens reacts a bit strange. Mostly i start with a light lead pencil and move on with a darker or colored ink pen or bold marker. The water color tool is great for larger areas and makes the look of the sketch so cool.

Fifty Three Paper - an image of a website sketch

One of my first sketches for a new website project.

You find 28 predefined colors in the toolbars mixer. Swipe down to an other set of 7 colors. There are two empty stacks but i would like to have a color settings page where i can manage the stacks. Maybe a kind of project ‘handling’. Fifty Three Paper – can you do that? ;)

Screenshot of the Fifty Three Paper opened toolbar

The toolbar with the selected watercolor tool and the color mixer.

There is a service called mix by Fifty Three with over 1.000.000 creators (2015-03) i am not tested yet. Looks nice.

If you want to export your sketch or your journals, there are several ways to do this. Save it, send your self a mail or export it to an other app like facebook, twitter etc.

You can order a printed journal. But the cool stuff is the connection with the Adobe Cloud. I sent a sketch to Photoshop and boom it opened on my connected MacBook – funny feature.

Four screenshots from the Fifty Three Paper app

The 4 possibilities to export your sketch or your journal.

Fifty Three Paper – 3 weeks summary

– I sketched more compared to the months before
– Had a lot of fun
– Sketched some great ideas and first concepts
– Used Photoshop later in my design process
– I build prototypes in an earlier stage
– The prototypes then influence the design, for wich i use Paper

So i will see if this first love lasts. Until now it has made my workflow easier. So give it a try.

One last idea for Fifty Three:

I am missing another basic feature. Some of my journals contains sketches that i would like to move to another or new journal. Moving a page inside a journal is possible, but sometimes i am to lazy to close the actual journal open an other or a new one. So once again: Fifty Three Paper – can you do that?

P.S.: You find a great how-to @sebastian_draws for a deeper look into Fifty Three Paper.