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I am a frontend designer, developer and blogger - living in Hamburg. Right now I am working for a client named talkyoo, a conference call company with a small development team located in Hamburg. I also take care for a number of companies.

Andreas Cichocki - Designer, Coder, Blogger & Founder

Simple, intuitive and easy to use, that’s how apps have to be today. Users want to access information quickly and the website/app has to display content optimized for different output devices.

- Andreas Cichocki - Designer, Coder, Blogger & Founder


In my development process, i start the UI design (user interface design) with some scribbles and Photoshop moods. I arrange elements and styles and use various frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery as tools to optimize the UX design (user experience design) and develop a prototype.


I have over 20 years design experience in a wide variety of media. My background began in classic graphic design (logo design, brochures, advertisements). I acquired various marketing skills while working for different companies and fortunately landed in frontend design and development ten years ago.


There is so much to share right now. Some of my projects exit the seed phase and thoughts develop to concepts. Project Vision exists since early 2014. Design and develop stories to blog is kind of training for my job @talkyoo and fun.

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  • 15 Mar

    Fifty Three Paper - an image of a website sketch
    15. March 2015
    Fifty three paper – now i sketch on the iPad

    Luckily i updated my iPad apps and saw that Fifty Three Paper set all tools free. What a great experience, that seduced me to think about a new iPad with this ‘special’ Pencil. I used an old ‘just mobile’ alupen and it worked, but i see the advantage of connecting a pen to the the […]

  • 14 Feb

    Screenshot - Google Pagespeed Website
    14. February 2015
    Google Pagespeed and my WordPress blog

    My first Google Pagespeed test yesterday (updated post from last week) with a desktop score 69/100 didn’t let me rest. After a plugin misconfiguration yesterday (i could not login – and fixed it with this guide) i started over with the finetuning of the WordPress plugin WP Super Cache. Used pingdom for a first impression […]

  • 07 Feb

    shot in the metro - next station Alexanderplatz
    7. February 2015
    Meetup in Berlin – Great UsabilityFix event

      The day before yesterday i had a great time with a lot of people @the_22nd_UsabilityFix (a nice meetup) The YOU IS NOW Accelerator was our host, great supply with soda, beer and pizza. Thanks for that Holger. We tested with 5 people our talkyoo website and the registration process. They tested us about 15 min. and after […]

  • 07 Feb

    Visual for the first Wordpress blogentry - grey version
    7. February 2015
    WordPress – Welcome back

    Step 3 – Site Speed: After all this basic stuff, i was exited to check the speed of my site with the tool pagespeed insight from Google. But the results wasn’t that good. 55/100 and 69/100 – javascript, css, html, caching…  O.k. it’s friday evening and maybe tomorrow this will look better.  

  • 07 Feb

    Screenshot from my last Website teaser image for my project vision
    7. February 2015
    Train your eyes and look sharper

    I am working more or less on an iPad/iPhone app that helps me improve my vision. Since January 2014 I have been training my eyes with a multitude of exercises. For some of these exercises, I would like to save my progress and visualize it to motivate myself. And if everything goes according to plan, […]